Spring Breakers Travel to Cleveland

Previous Alternative Breaks have taken students all over the country, including to Michigan, Texas, Florida and Mississippi. However, for this year’s spring Alternative Break, students journeyed to downtown Cleveland for a four-day trip that focused on the themes of social justice and public service.  

While students stayed local, the immersive trip allowed students to explore social issues within their own community, making it no less impactful than previous Alternative Breaks.  

While the decision to travel to downtown Cleveland may not seem as adventurous compared to previous breaks, the four-day trip immersed students in a variety of important social issues including racism, environmental justice and food insecurity.  

“This AB was unique in the sense that it was a stay-in-the-region AB trip,” senior Zach Milko, the student trip leader, said. “[Cleveland] often is not explored as much as it should be.” 

Students got the opportunity to explore and participate in service projects in communities all over the Cleveland area, including Asia-Town, Little Italy, and Ohio City.  

Senior Tony Tran got to visit new places despite being a resident in Cleveland for 22 years. 

“I had never been to the Cleveland History Center, the Kids Book Bank, Little Italy, and Rid-All Farms,” Tran said. “This Alternative Break has allowed me to relate what I have learned from my classes here at BW to the real world and gave me a new perspective about topics such as social justice and food deserts in my hometown.”