Want to eat during Day of Excellence? You’ll need a ticket
Jacket Philanthropy Program awards select non-profit grants
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First-year students to present showcase

President, Provost to face off against BW students featured on ESPN

In what might prove to be the battle of the year, President Helmer and Provost Stahl will be competing against Baldwin Wallace’s very own championship cornhole athletes, Anthony Kissel and Timmy Jonas.

‘The Mill’ release party to kick off of Ovation

The Mill, Baldwin Wallace’s annually released literary and arts journal, will be holding a release party as one of two events kicking off this year’s Ovation Festival.

Among day of events, Soapbox, Coffee Shop offers students chance to speak up, wind down

Two events at Ovation will give students the opportunity to express their creativity: the Coffee Shop and Soapbox.

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Baldwin Wallace University Student Newspaper
Baldwin Wallace University Student Newspaper