Women for BW provides nearly $24K in funding, opportunity

As a new year and a new decade begins at BW, it is important to reflect on the achievements of the past year, in hopes of continuing our tradition of excellence.

One of Baldwin Wallace’s prestigious organizations, Women for BW, certainly had an exceptional 2019 as they further endeavored to create a community of strong women.

According to the Women for BW website, “the group strengthens the course of women’s philanthropy through the power of programming, engagement, and collective giving. A strong and inclusive group of informed women will create opportunities for future generations of BW students.”

2019 saw multiple opportunistic and intelligent women receive funding and praise from the group. At the Women for BW Giving Circle awards ceremony held at the President’s House in October, the organization was able to award a total of $23,613 to eligible students and faculty members.

According to the website, four female BW students—Mia Malgarini, Delenn Hartswick, Emma Steward, and Samantha Lucas—received Student Academic Enrichment Awards to help them further their studies.

Awards were also presented to the following faculty and staff members—Kristin Brewer, Kerry Mullen, Dr. Amy Vaughn, Dr. Raed Ba Helah, and Dr. Kathryn Flinn—to honor their hard work in the BW community and to support them in their student/faculty projects.

Rebecca Sinatra, senior philanthropy advisor for the Center for Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement, said that these awards are two parts of the Giving Circle, which is comprised of membership fees. The money from the members is then used to award the lucky recipients.

Sinatra said that seventy-five percent of the allocated funds in the Giving Circle goes towards Faculty and Staff Projects, and twenty-five percent goes towards Student Academic Enrichment Grants.

“Women for BW had a great 2019,” said Sinatra. “It’s been great to watch the women of the BW community benefit from the organization.”

As philanthropic efforts continue in 2020, the organization reminds us that the impact of women in the community is no small significance. Their website says, “The power of many women giving together has a significant impact.”