We’ve got our eye on Cydney Washington

Cydney Washington’s last performance at BW was the past Opera, and we can reflect on her accomplishments during her time on campus.


Courtesy of Cydney Washington

Cydney Washington in Conservatory performance

As the Spring 2023 production of “We’ve Got Our Eye On You” Opera wraps up, upperclassman Cydney Washington will graduate with a degree in vocal performance this upcoming May. 

Washington originally studied at Millikin University, located near her hometown in Illinois. She said that while attending the University, the performance program was not up to her standards that she needed to “grow and learn.” Washington decided to transfer to BW mid-Covid. She’s been in other BW performances, such as “Le Nozze di Figaro” and “Men I’m Not Married To.” 

“It is a game changer for the world of performing arts,” Cydney Washington said over a zoom interview on the premise of the “We’ve Got An Eye on You” Opera Production. 

 “The fact we can and chose this kind of an opera written by a black woman means a lot to me as a young black woman.” Washington also said that she appreciates that the Opera chosen was more than just about the subject of race, but it is about a “Cute little Greek tragedy about love and lost and all the things that people go through in life….” 

“She is a natural onstage, She has a lot of energy, and she’s outstanding” Daniel Ihasz, her fill-in voice professor said during Washington’s Performance.. 

Kate Tiemans, Washington’s costar in the recent Opera, described what it was like to work alongside Washington.  

“It was a great experience!…Even though we had such a short timeframe to work with, it never felt like we could not pull it together.” 

Washington also reflected on why she chose BW to further her vocal performance career and how BW prepares her for her future goal.  

“When I looked into doing a voice pedagogy emphasis in addition to my degree, that opened a whole other door to learn more about voice.” Washington said, “I feel they have over-prepared us…we even learned what some undergrads in other schools don’t, so they have no idea what’s going on with their voice besides what their voice teacher tells them and what the professors feel.” 

Washington’s advice for high school students interested in a vocal performance career it’s to watch YouTube videos. 

“It’s so goofy, but that’s how I got exposed to it.” Washington said. 

She also advises aspiring students who want a vocal performance career to put themselves out there and try new things. 

Ihasz advices anyone interested being a Vocal Performance major to find voice lessons at the moment and find a teacher who can help them get ready for an audition to the program. 

“Take the time to remind yourself daily why you love what you do…put your energy into the things you care about.” Tiemans said.