We’re Back!

And Just Like That…

Like a flip of a switch, there was nothing left to say. We moved online, as so many others had, suffered some major setbacks, and many new challenges. Like a flip of a switch, COVID-19 had taken the students’ voices and shut it out for almost two years. Here is our chance to finally say it: we’re back.  

After two years, The Exponent is now once again on newsstands around campus for people to enjoy in a physical format. Production was shut down because of COVID-19 but we are beyond  happy to announce we are back and better than ever.  

Many changes have occurred during our short hiatus, and it came with its fair share of challenges. Fortunately, these unexpected setbacks gave us the opportunity to improve and persevere and to ensure our ability to bring a voice back to campus. As the editorial staff, we have given our all to ensure this paper is accurate, unbiased, truthful, and informative. As our loyal readers, we thank you for your patience and we’re excited to be back.  

With all our new changes, we want to hear from you. And just because we are returning to print doesn’t mean the growth is stopping. We are accepting applications to join our staff and we encourage our readers to email our Executive Editor with ideas on what they wish to hear from us. You can follow us on social media for updates, read our articles online at bwexponent.com, and finally, pick up our papers on newsstands every other Wednesday.  

Like a flip of a switch, we’re back and we’re here for you. Thank you for sticking with us, we appreciate your patience.