UCONN Wins Historic Hundredth Victory

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The last time that the UCONN Female Huskies lost a basketball game was when the Chicago Cubs were still haunted by an old Billy goat, LeBron James had yet to win a NBA Title in the city of Cleveland, and Tom Brady was free from Deflate gate charges. That’s right, the last time the Huskies lost a game was November 17th, 2014.

Many critics may cry in outrage that this is not good for the sport and no team should be so dominant as not to lose for 100 straight games. Those same critics most likely are strongly opposed to watching female sports – and that is the issue at hand.

Any team winning 100 straight games is crazy! In all honestly, it may never happen again. Thus, we must appreciate it. Instead, some feel that UCONN’s dominance gives a bad representation to women’s sports, arguing that women do not have the same competitive ability as men. Therefore, UCONN has been so dominant because other women aren’t good enough.

When men’s teams win, no matter what the sport, or dominate for a period of time, fans are typically excited and encourage their powerhouse of a team. The other longest winning streaks in sports are held by Division III Football OAC Team Mount Union, which had not lost a regular season game in 112 games, a winning streak that ended this past fall. Da La Salle High School in California. Also, De La Salle boasts a 151-win streak. While both these teams had longer winning streaks than UCONN, fans still fawn over them and look forward to their dominance each season without questions. So why is it that when women win, it is bad for the sport?

The answer is simple. We still live in a society where it is second nature to assume that women are inferior to men. UCONN just won 100 straight games and this is still not front-page news in most places. Women’s Basketball is not the only sport that is neglected. The past few years have begun to explore the idea that executives on the national level, specifically soccer, do not see women as equals to men. Despite their numerous World Cup wins and Olympic medals, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team is still paid significantly less than the men’s team. After winning the World Cup in 2015 the women as a team were compensated $1.8 million to be divided amongst their roster. Had the men won, they would have made $9.3 million as a team. Where is the justification? Why is it that women earn less than the men, when it obviously is not related to performance?

It is trending that the need for women in the workforce within the sport industry is growing. It is more common to see females working in baseball, football, or basketball. Women bring a different perspective to the table. In fact, there more Fortune 500 Companies that have females on their board than not.

Despite the current inequalities and controversies, the future of women in sport is bright. UCONN have done something unprecedented on the collegiate level and it is about time we recognize that.