Three BW Students Make Real World ‘Connection’


University Relations

Seniors Tyiler George and DeShawn Franklin and junior Cameron Cordes were given the unique opportunity to participate in a real-world project to develop and implement a mobile compatible website or mobile application through BW’s partnership with OEConnection LLC.

Cailtin Sukalac, Contributing Writer

Baldwin Wallace has partnered with OEConnection LLC, to provide three BW students with the unique opportunity to participate in a real-world project developing and implementing a mobile-compatible website or mobile application.
OEConnection is the eCommerce technology leader for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distribution networks and provides solutions for OEM parts for cars.
OEM, a popular trend in manufacturing industries, is when one company makes a part or subsystem that is utilized for another company’s end product.
OEConnection’s new student-involved project will allow junior Cameron Cordes and seniors DeShawn Franklin and Tyiler George—all computer science majors—to put the skills they have acquired at Baldwin Wallace to the test.
“DeShawn, Cameron and I will collaborate as interns of the CIG, completing a working project for OEConnection, and gain valuable experience along the way,” George said.
The main focus of OEConnection, run by President, CEO and BW alumni, Chuck Rotuno, is to connect automotive dealerships such as Ford and GM with mechanics and customers in the greater Cleveland area.
“Our project is going to be an Android application that helps dealers locate parts for suppliers through OEConnection’s databases,” Cordes  said.
Also involved in this endeavor is Dr. Jodi Tims, Chair of the Department of Math and Computer Science at BW, who will also serve as the lead Project Manager with members of OEConnection’s development, testing and analysis teams.
“OEC has been a tremendous advocate for technology education,” Tims said. “[They have] been working closely with Baldwin Wallace to identify ways to prepare our students for the growing field of software development,” said Dr. Tims.
The project is currently in the inception phase, and some of the smaller details have yet to be worked out. Cordes, Franklin, and George, however, will soon be visiting OEConnection’s headquarters and meeting the other members of their team.
Additionally, a kickoff meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18 to define the scope of the project and help determine the students’ exact roles and responsibilities for the project.
The new collaborative venture will provide the students with a glimpse into the fast-paced world of software development, including project methodology, the value of teamwork, and the importance of customers’ needs.
The students will also be supplied with valuable work experience, giving them an advantage over other graduates competing for the best jobs in the field.
Cordes, Franklin and George are the first of hopefully many BW Students to engage in this partnership with OEConnection.
This partnership boosts the new technological talent development, along with creating jobs for students of BW in the Computer Science and Software Engineering fields and should prove to be beneficial for everyone involved.