The Mill 2017 Released on Campus

Grace Moryan, Contributing Writer

Every year Baldwin Wallace publishes the poetry, photography, fiction, and artwork of students across campus in the Mill. This year the selection committee chose fifty-one creative works to put into the 2017 issue.

Senior English Major David Schwartz, served as the Editor of this year’s publication.

“It was a really enjoyable experience and we had an incredible year with submissions,” Schwartz said. He was very happy with how the publication turned out and is proud of his contributions to the Mill. He opened the publication’s release ceremony with a brief introduction and a dramatic reading of part his work, “Anatomy of the Skull on Fire.”

Senior English Major Sage Verdi served as the assistant editor, aiding in the collection and publication process throughout the past two semesters.

“I am very happy how it all turned out,” Verdi said. “I am very proud of everyone and am glad the release went really well.” At the release party, she read her work, “Fruit Punch Gatorade,” a story about a young girl and her and interactions with her mentor.

Anthony Kleem. a senior English major at Baldwin Wallace was one of the submitters published in this year’s addition.

“It is a great honour and privilege being published,” Kleem said. He has been submitting to the Mill ever since he was a freshman, and was overjoyed he finally made it. His work, “Soto ni Mieru,” is a collection of haikus about the seasonal changes.

The Mill is available for free at newsstands and other various outposts around campus.