The First Online Ovation Coffee House

Ovation is the time when students and the BW community can come together and celebrate the hard work that students put into their projects all semester long. There were many events that students and the BW community could go to, watch and enjoy. One of them is the Coffee House.

Although Ovation was canceled, the Coffee House event is being planned via an online platform for students and the community to enjoy. The event will be hosted by Baldwin Wallace’s literary journal The Mill and is coordinated by several individuals. This includes advisors for The Mill Dr. Sharon Kubasak, associate professor of English and Creative Writing, and Dr. Michael Garriga, associate professor of English and Creative Writing.

The event will be coordinated by Soledad Vasquez, assistant director of annual giving, who will be introducing the readers and musicians presenting at the event. Vasquez also transforms Marting Lounge into a welcoming and sophisticated venue that people can enjoy.

“Coffee House is a three-hour show where performances, readings, and complimentary refreshments, can be enjoyed while receiving a hard copy of the year’s The Mill publication,” Kubasak said. “Four Mill writers alternate between Conservatory student’s performance’s each lasting fifteen minutes. Readers will have twelve minutes, with three minutes left for questions.”

Conservatory students are coordinated by Craig Reynolds, concert production, and schedule coordinator for the Conservatory.

Garriga and Kubasak have decided to hold the event on an online platform. The editor of The Mill is in the process of compiling an online presentation with the reader’s self-recorded videos.

“We hope, even though there is not the same kind of immediate contact between our readers and the audience members, that those who view the Ovation Coffee House readings online will enjoy the presence of an ‘experience.’ We hope that viewers will be able to take a few moments to be moved by the artistic gifts of these writers,” says Kubasak and Garriga.

The day and time for the event have not yet been decided.