Take Care of Yourself: Ways to Stay Fit This Semester

NIcole Salapa, Feature Editor

Worried about gaining some weight from all of the typical college food? Is it hard to get up in the mornings (Not just because you were up until 3 a.m.)? Do you feel sluggish throughout the day? If so, exercise and a better diet can help you look good, but feel even better. There are obvious things you can do to improve your health, but here are some unconventional tips you may not have considered:

1. Take an HPE credit each semester: A lot of students have jam-packed schedules already, but this is something to think about before registration opens each semester. Everyone has to take one or two credits for our core anyway. If you are getting a grade for it, you might feel even more obligated not to miss a workout. Plus, you will be learning a new skill, whether it is dancing, swimming, tennis, tae kwon do, etc.. The extra two hours a week are worth it.

2. Check out BW’s nutrition facts: Now that the Union dining services allow you to hand-pick what goes into most of your meals, you can keep it healthier. But if you are looking for a way to be truly health-conscious, try going onto the BW website (under Student Life, Union, then Campus Dining) and looking up the nutrition facts for the meals. The list also features portion sizes, so you know how much food to take (or not to take).

3. Get workout help: A lot of people are unaware that students can get free personal training. If you email [email protected], you can schedule up to three appointments with a personal trainer who will create a workout routine for you and help teach you how to get in shape. If that does not suit your fancy, pick up a fitness class schedule the next time you are in the Rec; BW offers everything from Zumba to Water Aerobics multiple times a week for free, at different times during the day, so there is no excuse not to go.

4. Stop driving everywhere: If you are a commuter, you cannot help driving to campus. But try parking your car in one spot and walking around the rest of the day. If you are not a commuter, there is no excuse to drive to class. You can get easy cardio and you will never be late to class because you could not find a parking spot.

5. Do a couch to 5k: Take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts and start running outside. Search for “Couch to 5k” in google, and you will find plenty of exercise regimens for beginners. If you follow a plan, you will increase your endurance and speed.

6. Try intermural sports: Get a few friends together and sign up for intermurals; these are no-pressure leagues that are just for fun and exercise. If you cannot find a sport you like, just wait until the next ones start, but keep your eye on the bulletin to learn when new seasons start.

7. Try some new foods: Face it, when we are picking up vegetables to put in our quesadilla, mac and cheese, or stir-fry, we go with the old standbys like lettuce, tomato, and corn. But maybe try a little bit of something new, like some bamboo in your stir-fry. If you only put a little bit in, if you hate it, you can take it out, but chances are you might discover something great.

8. Download a new app: If you want to track your food, do a dorm workout, or measure your run, try downloading a tool to help you with it. There are hundreds of fitness apps available on your phone, and keeping track of your fitness has never been easier. Look and see what works best for you, but Map My Run and My Fitness Pal are good apps to start with.

Incorporate some of these tips into your life on campus. You will reap the benefits and avoid the freshman (or sophomore, or junior, or senior) 15.