Studio Art Seniors Display Their Work at Fawick Gallery  

Four senior studio art majors showcased their work from Feb 28-March 18 at Fawick Gallery. According to Darlene Michitsch, head of the art department, the studio art majors participated in a seminar designed to guide students as they create art pieces leading up to the exhibition.  

These students were taught how to develop their technical skills in their area, learn how to receive and give criticism, and expand their critical thinking. They also learned how to market and display their art. 

“They learn how to present that work, how to make it attractive and compelling [in] the way it’s installed in the gallery,” Michitsch said, “and how to use their work to assert themselves as artists and interject themselves into the art world.” 

Senior Kelly Linnabary said the weeks leading up to the showcase were very emotional, but she felt relieved after seeing her art professionally displayed.  

“That’s the moment you feel like you can relax and breathe,” Linnabary said. “And you’re like ‘this is what I worked so hard for the past four years.’ And it’s very empowering to see all of it together.” 

The showcase featured a variety of mediums that the students chose to emphasize. Some of the work included drawings, paintings and photographs. And although the students had the option to use the same medium, each student focused on different subjects. 

Linnabary said she felt drawn to photography because it is the best medium for storytelling. She focused on topics such as mental illness.  

“I have always loved taking pictures, and I think it’s because I always had a rapidly changing life growing up,” Linnabary said. “So, for me, taking pictures has been [about] capturing moments despite things always changing.”  

Senior Danica Radivojevic said a piece she created that she is proud of is a linoleum cut on clay portraying one of the Cleveland guardian statues.  

“I always thought it was a cool landmark of Cleveland, and I think it is very underrated when people talk about Cleveland,” Radivojevic said. “You usually just see the skyline, not the guardian.” 

Radivojevic said she plans on taking a year off to spend with family and then going to graduate school to pursue an emphasis in printmaking.