Student Written Musical ‘Maestra’ to premiere at Ovation

On Thursday, April 28th, “Maestra: The Musical” will be premiering at 3:15pm on the Kleist Mainstage. This musical was written by BW student Abby Bilson and will be a part of the events on Ovation Day, showcasing Baldwin Wallace students and the work they have done. This show is being entirely produced by students of BW.  

“Maestra: The Musical” is a show that explores the importance of including a narrative of Women in Western Music History. Maestra is aiming to advocate and spread awareness for women in the arts. The show fuses together multiple music elements, such as Jazz, Baroque Opera, and Contemporary Pop Music. Maestra aims to remind others of important contribution women have made to the arts.  

BW Sophomore Jules Ringler is the director of the show and has shared some insight on the process of rehearsal for the performance. Every director has their own style, “My process focuses on a safe rehearsal space and uplifting the text and music through the guidance of Uta Hagen. I try my best to utilize a safe environment to empower actors to make bold decisions,” said Ringler. Ringler also stated that she enjoys working and collaborating with Abby Bilson on this project. “Abby is the Anaïs Mitchell to my Rachel Chavkin,” said Ringler. 

The cast and crew have been working effortlessly over the past few months to put this production together. Actress and writer, Emma Devine, is part of both the performing and creative sides of this show. “I am having such an amazing time being a part of this workshopped musical!” Devine said.  

Devine continued speaking about the duality of being a part of both the creative side and acting side saying, “Going into this project, it was announced right from the beginning that we could have the opportunity to work not only as an actor, but we could be a part of the creative team if we wanted. I’ve always loved writing as well as songwriting and I wanted to offer my help in any way I could, so I joined the team right away.” 

This musical means much more to Ringler on a personal level. “The prospect of direction hinges on personal touch. Each director infuses a production with their own experiences. I personally relate to the queerness represented through Melissa’s storyline, as well as the desire for representation that all nonmale characters in the show share,” said Ringler. 

Ringler continued saying, “The collaboration on this project has helped a good deal of the [women and nonbinary people] in our production team and cast uplift our voices and band together to agree that issues of inequality not only need to be discussed, but at the forefront of our artwork. As Abby Bilson wrote, “we are change.” I truly believe that, and I am overjoyed to share this sentiment through ‘Maestra.’”  

“Maestra” hopes to bring together many different people on campus and has given more students a voice throughout the process. The creative and promotional team are excited for people to stop by to see their student created performance during Ovation. Tickets for “Maestra: The Musical” are available now for no charge. More information can be found on Instagram @maestramusicalbw.