Student Spotlight: National Recognition for BW Senior


Steven Vaccaro

Steven Vaccarro received the national “Outstanding Leader of Tomorrow” award from fraternity Phi Kappa Tau.

Cailtin Sukalac, Contributing Writer

Last month, National Fraternity Phi Kappa Tau acknowledged Baldwin Wallace senior, Steven Vaccaro, as an “Outstanding Leader of Tomorrow.” He was selected for this prestigious recognition for his exceptional involvement both on and off of the BW campus.
Vaccaro is a senior majoring in Arts Management and is the co-student coordinator of the Dating Beyond Control program, a campus wide initiative which aims to raise awareness of the warning signs and resources available for those involved in abusive relationships and dating violence, as well as providing tools for building healthy relationships.
Vaccaro is the current president of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at Baldwin Wallace. His participation elsewhere in campus life includes working in the BW Admissions Office, where he enjoys the interactions with all sorts of different people. His favorite part is giving tours.
As a student of diversified interests and abilities, Vaccaro  is also part of the Arts Management Association on campus and will be performing his senior recital in the BW Jazz Ensemble in January 2015.
Phi Kappa Tau began its charter at BW 70 years ago and has made it presence known.  Two years ago, it was recognized as the Most Outstanding Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau in the nation.
One of the causes near to Phi Kappa Tau’s heart—and one Vaccarro remains involved with—is the Serious Fun Children’s Network charity.
The mission of the organization is “to create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge.”
The organization provides a global community of camps and programs for children with serious illnesses.
“We recently raised $4,000 for this organization through the haunted house this past October,” Vaccaro said.
This past summer, Vaccaro worked at the executive office of Phi Kappa Tau. He was the Student Coordinator for the Leadership Academy and assisted in organizing the conferences.
“These conferences have over 500  participants, and they help younger college students to develop personally and as a leader,” Vaccaro said.
Vaccaro is an avid volunteer and has spent time at the Flying Horse Farm working with children with serious illnesses.
The farm provides the opportunity for children to experience the magic of camping for one week.
“It was the best experience. It really put life into perspective in working with people. It also reminds you that things could be a lot worse,” Vaccaro said.
Additionally, he has spent time volunteering at the Double- H ranch, another program assisting seriously ill children who are unable to attend other summer camps.
“Last summer while I was there, they filmed Food Network’s Kitchen Impossible, so that will be airing Dec. 8 this year,” Vaccaro said.
After graduation, Vaccaro hopes to take his love of helping to the next level by pursuing a career in the non-profit sector, perhaps in fundraising and development.