Student non-profit hosts musical comedy

BWU PRISM is an on-campus, non-profit group that is completely student run. PRISM gives students a free creative license to showcase what they are passionate about, said BWU PRISM’s Facebook account.

The event was planned by senior Brielle Trussa.

Trussa said that the mission of the group is that “of encouraging collaboration between our liberal arts and conservatory students while promoting an overall message of inclusion.”

Not considered PG-friendly, this semester’s show was centered around comedy that relates to BW culture, including parodies of popular songs.

Auditions for Misfits are were held early in the fall semester and the rehearsals were independently run and included the performers, organizers of the events, the hosts and Eric Hanson.

It is created in large part by the performers, who have a lot of fun and very empowered to express themselves during the production process, said Trussa.

“There’s no other show that lets me sing the Drake & Josh theme song, test out my jokes, and just generally have a great time with my closest friends, all in front of an audience, like Misfits [did],” said Trussa.

There was an excellent turn out at the event and some attendees had to stand, she said. Several students, both those involved with the conservatory and those who are not, attended the event and had provided positive feedback.

One student that attended was Veronica Cator, a music composition major in the conservatory.

“Misfits was great. It’s so nice to see students express creativity outside of an academic environment and just have fun. It was well put together, funny and I think everyone in the audience and on stage had a really good time,” said Cator.