Student Government welcomes new leadership

BW Student Government welcomes its 111th student body president and vice president along with a new senate president


In the month of February, new leadership roles were taken by BW students through the student government. On Feb. 14, the Student Senate elected a new president, and the week following, the 111th student body president and vice president Matt Perry and Maree Horne had their inauguration ceremony.   

Perry has been involved in student government since he was a first-year. He had previously been a part of the Facilities and Sustainability Committee in Student Senate, as well as serving as the student body vice president this past year.   

“I think student government is a fantastic opportunity for anybody that is trying to get involved on campus,” Perry said. “It gives you the responsibility to lead your fellow group of students.”   

Perry emphasized during his remarks that student government bolstered his love for event planning and student engagement. Perry said that throughout the years following Covid-19, participation in clubs and organizations has been down, and he hopes to help to grow student involvement.  

“I feel a lot more connected to what’s happening here at BW,” Perry said.   

Student government acts as a conduit between students and the administration. Perry and Horne are willing to take questions and concerns from the student body.  

The inauguration not only marked a new era for student government, but also highlighted its importance. During his remarks, President Bob Helmer reflected that he has made less than a handful of decisions himself and emphasized that much of BW is powered by shared leadership.  

In addition to the new student body president and student body vice president, Student Senate is also introducing new leadership. Brenna Holliday, a sophomore music education major, was elected as the Student Senate president on Feb. 14.   

Holliday said that she joined student government four weeks into her first year and served as both a member and the head of the academic affairs committee. Holliday said that she hopes to elevate students’ voices on campus and is looking forward to sharing future Student Senate projects.  

Upon being notified that the Student Senate president position would be open, Holliday said that she knew she wanted to push herself to the next level in leadership.   

Holliday said that the Student Senate is a growing organization and one that has made an impact on campus. Holliday also said that working as a senator is a great way to get involved and meet new people.  

“Throughout my time in senate it’s … grown so much,” Holliday said. “All the senators are so excited to do things and I think it’s amazing.”