Student Government Weekly Update: Renovations and blue lights updates

Baldwin Wallace University President Bob Helmer visited the Student Senate meeting April 11. Helmer updated the senators on ongoing campus projects, including the renovation of the Berea Townhouses. The apartment-style residence hall remains on track to reopen by Fall 2024. 

Helmer named Heritage, Lang and Constitution Halls as residence halls which the University plans to renovate.  

Helmer said an addition will be put onto Lou Higgins Recreation Center to be used by the wrestling team.  

Additionally, Helmer informed Student Senate that a renovation of Strosacker Hall, a project that has undergone several delays and changes in plans due to Covid-19 and other issues, will be completed by Fall 2025. 

Helmer was asked his opinion on the status of the campus blue light emergency notification stations, all but two of which are currently nonoperational. Helmer reiterated the University’s position that the low usage does not justify maintaining the blue light system. Rather than blue lights, the University has been investing in security camera systems.