Storage Squad moves in to help students move out

BW partnered with Storage Squad, a new service that aids the moving process by providing boxes, storage areas and transportation for students’ belongings.


Kathryn Raubolt

Storage Squad picked up boxes of items right from students’ dorms to store throughout the summer.

Storage Squad, a new service Baldwin Wallace University partnered with, aimed to help students during the moving process. The service provided free boxes and labels to students, transported their belongings to a temperature-controlled facility and will deliver them back to the students’ dorms when it is time to return to campus. 

With Storage Squad, all the “heavy lifting” is taken care of, said Kristin Brewer, the assistant director for Residence Life and Housing. 

“Using Storage Squad may save time, money and lessen the physical toll that moving takes on your body,” Brewer said. 

Prior to Storage Squad’s availability, the move in process was met with stress said Hannah Ogden, a first-year computer science major.  

“Moving in was a super exciting time but also stressful because it felt very chaotic at times,” Ogden said. “I had to wait for a laundry bin with wheels to move my heavier items upstairs because there were so many people moving in at the same time.”  

Pricing is determined by the size of items stored. Students received free Mega Boxes when packing up their rooms, and if they wanted to store their belongings in Storage Squad’s local facility, it cost $47 per Mega Box. The dimensions of these boxes are approximately 24 inches by 17 inches by 15 inches. Storage Squad also stores items that do not require boxes such as mattresses, bicycles, luggage and other items. 

The pricing was more affordable in comparison to other moving and storage competitors, said Jesse West, a first-year business administration major at BW who also doubles as the services’ operations manager. 

“Local U-Haul rates start at $20 for only a van, plus mileage,” West said. “You would also have to pick up the van, load it, unload it, and return it. Nobody wants to do that, especially in summer weather.” 

Though Storage Squad is a new service at BW, it has already made its way to other campuses in neighboring states. West said he traveled to the University of Michigan to run operations and had a student tell him that they [Storage Squad] were “godsends,” which surprised him.  

“Considering that I’m an Ohioan, that’s the best compliment coming from a Michigan Student,” West said. 


Hannah Ogden, who is featured in this story, has previously published work in The Exponent but is not a staff member.