Sports Quarantine Queue

If you are like millions across the globe, this is an incredibly difficult time with the lack of sports that are on TV. In addition to those professionals that play on TV, there are also hundreds of thousands of student athletes that have had seasons taken away from them at the latest moments of the school year. Many of these students were gearing up to play their final season of a sport that they have played until before they can remember.


With that being said, there is a true shortage of sports right now. In times like this, we will have to resort to getting our sports fix elsewhere. I have compiled a list of movies that could help during this sport-less time.


  1. The Sandlot (Dir. David Mickey Evans)

This film is about a kid who at first struggles with his move to a new town. These struggles are soon eliminated when he meets a group of kids who play baseball in their free time. The Sandlot is a great movie that has been passed on from generation to generation. Watching this movie would fulfill your fix for the sport of baseball.


  1. Crooked Arrows (Dir. Steve Rash)

Crooked Arrows tells the story of the game of lacrosse in a unique way. It begins with a hot shot mixed-blood Native American moving back to his reservation after making what appears to be a considerable amount of money. Joe Logan, the main character, sees ways that the reservation can be improved. He is not welcomed back at first and must prove to the town that he is still one of them. Joe does this by coaching the reservation’s lacrosse team which has run into turmoil and is filled with misfits. This feel-good movie would help fulfill your fix for the sport of lacrosse.


  1. Battle of the Sexes (Dir. Valerie Faris, Johnathan Dayton)

Battle of the Sexes takes place in the 1970’s in a time where women were still fighting to be equal. It displays the events between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. Riggs publicly tried to irk King with strong misogynistic remarks to get her to play him in a tennis match. This underdog story would be great if you’re missing tennis.


  1. Race (Dir. Stephen Hopkins)

Race displays the life of Jesse Owens, a young track and field athlete during the 1930’s. Owens was a remarkable athlete, but unfortunately was a victim of racism which was rampant during the time. He pushes through these obstacles and wants to show the world that he is the fastest man on the planet during the olympics. If you’re looking for a movie that will make you feel good and motivate you to run yourself, take a look!


Although it is a strange time in our world with no sports, it is for good reason. The necessary precautions are being put in place so that we are still able to have sports in the future.