Social Media Brings Together the Baldwin Wallace Community

Since September, many non-Baldwin Wallace-affiliated social media accounts have popped up on students’ Instagram feeds. The most popular@bwaffirmations, @bwconaffirmations, and @bwmemespagehave accumulated over 2000 followers.  

The three accounts create posts that spread awareness about current events, issues, and general student life. They function as a sort of news source for students who are not involved in every aspect of student life and allow the BW community to share their commonalities.  

Baldwin Wallace Affirmations (@bwaffirmations) act as a source of positivity among the struggles of student life. By clicking “LIKE” to affirm, students are meant to be inspired to face the challenges of the day. 

Baldwin Wallace Conservatory Affirmations (@bwconaffirmations) is very similar to the Affirmations account, but this page focuses solely on student life in the Conservatory. 

Baldwin Wallace Memes (@bwmemespage) brings levity to campus struggles, presenting common events in student life with a meme template that is either unique to Baldwin Wallace or common on the Internet and among the students.  

The creator of Baldwin Wallace Memes, whose identity is known to The Exponent, thanked Baldwin Wallace Affirmations as their inspiration to create their page. 

 “I figured there’s so many weird and funny things that happen on-campus that I might as well!” the creator said. “I do hope I can make BW students smile; I think we all need that.”