Senior Year Challenges, Changes, Memorable Experiences in Education, Student Teaching

Kaitlin Chervenak is a Senior at BW and an Early Childhood Education major with a 4th and 5th grade Generalist Endorsement and Psychology minor and is the co-student coordinator of the Newman Student Organization. As a senior, Chervenak explains her busy schedule of her last semester, as well as her overall experience of being a student at BW and student teaching.
A variety of aspects contribute to being an Education major, one major aspect being the many projects and lessons.
“Being an Education major encompasses many things, students studying education know that Wheeler Hall is basically our home,” Chervenak said. “We typically have no printing money left on our Jacket Express account because we are constantly printing pages for projects.”
Chervenak explains the magnitude of challenges that early childhood education majors face to be creative.
“The projects I carry across campus always get some strange looks,” said Chervenak. “I’ve carried some odd looking science experiments into Wheeler, but one of my favorite looks of puzzlement came from carrying my sheep inspired listening library, which was a box covered with cotton to create a sheep.”
Chervenak also describes how her experience of being an education major at BW has helped in regards to student teaching.
“Going into student teaching is scary because you wonder if you are truly ready for the experience,” Chervenak said. “However, when I got into the classroom I was very content with the preparation I received at BW.”
Chervenak explains that many schools are switching to the Common Core standards.
“This is an area that BW has prepared us for, as well as how to teach in order to fit those standards,” Chervenak said.
Chervenak was able to be part of a trial looping where she got to complete her second set of methods and the first half of her student teaching at the same school, Brook Park Memorial.
“This was a very effective transition and eased some of my nerves about going into student teaching,” said Chervenak. “BW has definitely prepared its teaching candidates very well for the teaching field.”
Chervenak has two placements for student teaching due to her licensure.
“ I have an early childhood placement that I have already completed at Brook Park Memorial in 3rd grade,” Chervenak said. “Now I am at my second placement for my 4/5 endorsement working with the 4th grade at the Academy of St. Bartholomew.”
Chervenak explains her overall experience studying education as a positive one.
“I remember sitting in my 8 a.m. Intro to Education class as a freshman like it was last week,” Chervenak said. “Throughout my years in the Education department I have encountered professors that are outstanding and truly care for their students and model what it takes to be a great teacher.”
As a senior, Chervenak recalls memorable experiences that have taken place over the last four years.
“I have had so many opportunities to do wonderful things,” Chervenak said. “I had the opportunity to study abroad in the fall of my junior year in York, England and I have had the chance to be apart of several Alternative Spring Break trips though Newman.”
“Looking back at my four years, I know I made the most of the time spent here. My college years at BW were filled with memories that I will keep for a lifetime,” Chervenak said.