Seminar in Europe: 40 Years


Medeline Miley

Seminar in Europe 2016 at Neuschwatstein Castle, Germany

Jessica Davis, Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Madeline Miley

They came. They saw. They conquered—the faculty and students who embarked on the 40th Seminar in Europe trip in 2016.

They had just arrived in Athens when a Baldwin Wallace student saw a group of pigeons and asked if she could run through them. Dr. Marc Vincent replied with a firm “no” before running through the mass of pigeons himself.

And then there was the time in Paris when Junior Arts Management major Madeline Miley, a sophomore at the time. accidentally locked her clothing in a washing machine and had to explain her situation to the non-English speaking laundromat owner. Embarrassed, Miley and her laundry partner, Junior Education major Ali Smith, fled the scene after the owner came to unlock the machine. All would have been well if they didn’t have to go back the next day to actually do their laundry.

But those a just a few of the most memorable moments that students had while on their Seminar in Europe trip during the Spring semester of 2016.

Seminar in Europe originally began as the European Semester in 1976 by former Baldwin Wallace English professor Ted Harakas and partner French Professor Andrew Talton. In 2002, Talton’s position was filled by Art History Professor Marc Vincent. Helping to carry on the tradition, English Professor Ana Boe joined Dr. Vincent in 2016 and looks forward to her future with Seminar in Europe.

“It allows me to combine my passion for European culture and my passion for traveling,” says Dr. Boe.

Seminar in Europe students spend a full semester studying European culture and art history—the first half in the classroom, the latter half traveling the continent.

Students take courses in art history, European literature, and travel writing for a total of 14 credits. While these courses all count for Core requirements, the students will be the first to tell you that the academic credit is the least significant part of the semester.

As Miley explained, “The classes we took in preparation were incredibly valuable. I now know the importance of staying accurately updated on world news and how to do this.”

After the preparation in the classroom is over, the students pack their bags to experience Europe in the flesh. The students begin in Athens, Greece and work their way around through Italy, Germany, France, and England for six weeks all for an incredible price of $3900.

But the impact Seminar in Europe has on your life doesn’t end on the flight back to Berea, Ohio.

“I can tell you that the trip has significantly impacted my outlook on life. I find it so much easier – sometimes even effortless – to see beauty in places I never would have given notice to before,” Miley says. “There is beauty everywhere you turn in Europe, but there is an equal amount of beauty here at home. You just have to look for it.”

Baldwin Wallace Junior HR Major Gwyn Dubel also pointed out how much this trip has helped her to grow on a personal level.

“The personal growth that I experienced while abroad will serve as the foundation and aid me as I navigate the rest of my collegiate career and prepare for life post-graduation,” Dubel says.

The next Seminar in Europe will be offered again during the spring semester of 2018. The application deadline is November 1st, 2017 and the application can be found on or through the Study Abroad Office located on the second floor of the Strosacker Student Union.