Search progressing for new School of Business dean

As the spring 2018 semester comes to a close at Baldwin Wallace University, so does the search for a new dean for the School of Business, which the University is hoping to have filled by the end of the semester.

With the BW School of Business advancing their programs and undergoing some reconstruction, a new dean will bring a lot of different ideas and perspectives which could benefit the program and school greatly.

While narrowing down the candidates over the next week, the University will be hosting open forums that will allow students and anyone interested to get more information.  Candidates will attend these forums, so that the BW community has an opportunity to meet the potential deans. These forums will take place in Kamm Hall in the day and evenings, of which the days and times are to be announced.

The dean takes on many different roles in the BW School of Business, including being on the advisory committee for the school, growing new departments, and supporting the students in the majors under the school.  One of the things faulty is looking for from the new dean is to “see a strategic plan for the school,” said Stephen Stahl, provost at BW.

Stahl has also been involved with the process of filling the position of the new business dean.  While meeting with the candidates, it is evident that each bring their “own set of experiences and personality that will mesh with the culture of the school and take it in new directions,” he said.

Throughout this process, Lori Long, professor and chair of the Department of Management & Entrepreneurship at the Baldwin Wallace School of Business, has been working with other faculty members to find a candidate that is a perfect fit, not only for the position, but for the school.

The new dean will bring a “different experience and perspective to grow our program and support our students,” Long said.  “New leadership will bring new opportunities for the university and the students.”

The School of Business has recently added departments as part of the reconstruction. Because of this, the school and departments are looking to benefit from “using the future dean to guide the structure,” said Provost Stahl.

The students will also benefit from the reconstruction of the department.  Sophomore marketing major Max Adams is aware of the new dean and the new advancements within the school of business.

“As a second-year business student, the new future dean will hopefully bring more opportunities to the students in the programs and advance their career goals,” Adams said.  “Being a marketing major, I hope to gain some real-world experience.”

With new and exciting things in the works for BW’s business department, it is clear that great things are on the horizon with a new dean.