‘Scream VI’ enters elite movie group as franchise releases sixth installment

As “Scream VI” hits theaters, it’s time to take a look at how other franchises’s have dealt with their sixth installments.


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“Scream VI” features Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Mason Gooding in “Scream VI” (from left to right)

The “Scream” franchise has achieved a new milestone this month as its sixth installment hit theaters March 10. Early reactions of the film have touted it to be one of the darkest and goriest additions to the series yet.  

“Scream VI” follows the four survivors of the previous movie’s Ghostface murders as they trade out the small town of Woodsboro for the Big Apple, a setting that has never been explored by the “Scream” films before. The highly-anticipated sequel has been shrouded in mystery thus far, so let’s look at how other horror franchises have treated their sixth installments to give us an idea of the mayhem that may occur in “Scream VI.” 

Starting off with another man behind the mask, “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” follows the tale of Tommy Jarvis, who years ago killed the hockey-masked maniac Jason Vorhees. Now in a mental institution from the trauma, Tommy attempts to achieve a sense of closure by escaping the institution and cremating Jason’s body. His plans go awry, though, as a freak accident ends up resurrecting Jason once again.  

The film, which served to retcon the errors of the previous installment, struck the perfect balance between horror and comedy for audiences. It introduced a new dynamic between Tommy and Jason, one that was more akin to Michael Myers and Laurie Strodes from “Halloween,” and took Jason from a simple serial killer to a supernatural force.  

Audiences enjoyed how the film kept the signature campiness felt in the first “Friday the 13th” but also wasn’t afraid to lean into self-awareness and meta humor. The film boasts a high kill count of 18 and is regarded by many fans to be the best installment in the franchise.  

Pivoting to another slasher sequel, the sixth installment of the “Child’s Play” franchise, “Curse of Chucky,” tells the story of the murderous doll Chucky, who terrorizes a young woman, Nica, and her sister and niece for the events that led to his death and reincarnation as a doll. 

With its sixth installment, the franchise returned to its roots, as it set the film in a haunted house, a staple for horror movies. Although it certainly utilized a twisted humor, “Curse of Chucky” mainly donned a more serious tone, casting an eerie and haunted air over the slasher film. 

Audiences appreciated the film’s shock factor and use of tension, as “Curse of Chucky” had no intention of shying away from gore. Nica’s strong capability and nerve throughout the movie quickly boosted her status to a fan-favorite final girl. “Curse of Chucky” is heralded by many fans to be a revival for the “Child’s Play” franchise.  

As for another gory horror-flick, “Saw VI” added layers to the “Saw” franchise, as it explores the story of Mark Hoffman taking on the sadistic mantle of the deceased Jigsaw by forcing a health insurance executive and his employees to take part in a series of lethal games. 

“Saw VI” diverged from the gore-only mindset of the other franchise installments with creating a compelling story with which viewers could emotionally empathize. It served to tie together the other “Saw” films by giving the infamous Jigsaw an origin story and motive while also providing light commentary on the U.S. healthcare system.  

Fans of the film enjoyed the satirical tone this installment injected into the franchise while keeping in line with the series’ signature gory traps. “Saw VI” featured many twists and turns accompanied by betrayal, leaving audiences eager for a seventh installment.  

Now for a quick blast from the past, “House of Frankenstein,” the sixth addition to Universal’s classic monster franchise “Frankenstein,” brought together the legendary horror figures of the Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, and Count Dracula as the evil Dr. Niemann and the Hunchback of Notre Dame recruit the monsters to do the doctor’s revenge bidding. 

This film served to bring together three of the most iconic horror monsters into one big film. Fast-paced and exciting, “House of Frankenstein” produced a fun and entertaining monster mash while also keeping the campy vibe signature of the Universal classic monsters. For many viewers, this film is a certified horror classic.  

There is no telling what “Scream VI” could have in store for audiences, but it is clear from the franchises above that the sixth entry is surely an important one. Rumored to be brimming with murder and mystery, “Scream VI” has been available to watch in theaters since March 10.