Scholarship to provide support for computer science students


Starting in Fall 2020, BW will be given scholarship support from the newest scholarship from Choose Ohio First with the amount of $725,000.

The scholarships will spread over the next five years, said Jim McCargar Associate Dean, School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing, and help support those who have an interest in Computer Science and related majors.

McCargar said this is a one-time scholarship from Choose Ohio First. There will be continued support beyond that as the students awarded the scholarship can receive it each year they attend BW.

These majors include Business Information Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Cyber Security Analyst, Graphic Design, and Interactive Design. Choose Ohio First, and BW first began their relationship back in 2008.

“It [Choose Ohio First] typically towards STEM majors…So thee way that it will help our students is it will provide scholarship dollars for them to attend BW.” said McCargar.

The main goal of Choose Ohio First is to encourage students to enroll in schools in Ohio. The hope is that if students are enrolled in schools in Ohio, they will enter the workforce.

One of the programs at BW that benefits from Choose Ohio First scholarships is the STEM Scholars Program. This program is headed by Katie Adkins, STEM Scholars Program director.

The STEM Scholars Program is a program for those that have programs in STEM. The students are given support in both professional and academic goals. McCargar said those involved were more likely to graduate.


“One of the goals of this [scholarship] is not only to develop a workforce and staff, staff disciplines but also focusing on underrepresented minorities and women in STEM.” said Adkins.


For some students, said Adkins, the scholarship support from Choose Ohio First is one of the main reasons for choosing BW. The scholarship is another helps to lessen the cost of their education.