Revitalized Archery Club Prepares for Competitive Program

BW offers an array of extracurricular activities, but one of the most unusual may be the archery club. 

The club has been around for almost twenty years, however, it was not until last year when the club fell under the new leadership of Christine Varga, assistant director of campus recreation, that things really started to take off. Although Varga had never shot an arrow herself, she was determined to help this club reach its full potential.  

“I made it a goal for me personally to get my instructor level one and two certification…which allows us to do more education so I can actually teach people,” said Varga.  

Many people that join the archery club have never practiced the sport before, which makes it difficult for them to learn if they are not receiving the right training. And Varga has been able to offer the support needed. The archery club is not all full of newcomers though; club president and BW senior Kate Bowers has been shooting for years and was happy to continue the activity at BW.  

“I started archery my summer before sixth grade,” Bowers said. “I always found it to be really fun and I was kind of good at it right away so that helped.”  

The archery club is looking to expand even further as they are now able to practice all year round and start shooting competitively. The team received a grant from USA Archery to help with this transition.  

“The grant will help us launch our competitive program,” said Varga. “This will help with student recruitment and retention as well.”  

Excitement has infected the entire club because students in the past have really had to fight for changes. Bowers can attest to this as she has been on the team all four years of college.  

“When I was a freshman this club was barely anything…we needed new targets, new arrows, just everything,” Bowers said. “Within the past four years, we’ve been able to get funding for all of that.”  

And even though Bowers has expressed her disappointment that she will not be able to enjoy all the changes coming to the archery club, she is very happy to leave it better than when she found it.  

The archery club meets all year round and is always looking for new members. With so many developments made over the past year, it is sure to catch the attention of more BW students.