Recipe: Dorm Room Cooking Ideas


Sick of using meal swipes for food that is not even good? I know that I would rather have a better option. All college students usually have a mini-fridge and somewhere to store food. Here, I will be providing recipes you can use to make quick, meals out of your dorm room. 

The first recipe is for easy microwave Quesadillas. The smell of them is delicious, and they are vegetarian unless you decide to add meat. Quesadillas have many options of what goes into them and how to make them. It’s simple, all you need is tortillas and cheese. You can keep them both right in your fridge. It totals up to about five dollars for a few meals. You also can buy a scattered amount of veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, spices, chicken and more, to add to the quesadilla as you desire. 

To start, You are going to need one tortilla shell, layed flat. Then add your flavor of cheese that you picked and add it to half of the tortilla. I prefer the mixed kind of shredded cheese that includes Mozzarella, American, and Cheddar. Next, add your extra ingredients if you have any right on top of the cheese. Then fold the empty half of the tortilla on top. Finally, stick it into the microwave for about 45 seconds or more if you prefer.  

Lastly, enjoy! This is a great option because you can add your own touch of vegetables and cheese flavors, etc. and it is very fast and easy to make. It’s tasty, and just another easy thing to make when you do not want to eat Ramen noodles or brave the uncertainty of the dining hall. 

Keep an eye out for more recipes and ideas of what you can cook next in your dorm room!