Psych club aims to expand beyond majors

Students at Baldwin Wallace University are starting to discover a unique club that allows them to come together to discuss interesting topics while networking with faculty and professionals.
Baldwin Wallace’s Psychology Club is a way for students to get excited about psychology while exploring psychology related topics that can be applied to their lives, said Stephanie Richman, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Faculty Advisor of Psychology Club.
Psychology Club has continued to grow over the years, and Richman is happy to be a part of the club for her second year.
“It’s a lot of fun,” said Richman. “The fun activities, the camaraderie between students, the desire to learn more about Psychology and get involved.”
Getting involved in Psychology club is easy and doesn’t require too much commitment, said Richman.
“There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, as well as learn and get to know other Psych majors and faculty,” said Richman. “It’s a great way to see what the major has to offer.”
Psychology Club isn’t only for psychology majors, but can be resourceful for other students as well, Richman said.
“Psychology is all about people, and there is no career that you will be at in your life where you won’t interact with people,” says Richman.
“Not only is it [psychology] for careers, but for everyday life. You’re interacting with family, friends, roommate, romantic partner, and so even if you aren’t a psychology major or minor, it will teach you cool information about interacting with people.”
The topic of a meeting can range from psychology misconceptions, microaggressions, body image, mental health, suicide awareness, and more.
Each meeting, student leaders come prepared activities for a better understanding of the topic being discussed that week, said Richman.
“It’s a great organization and the students really work hard,” says Dr. Lisa Green, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Advisor of Psychology Club. “They [students] take it very seriously and help increase awareness and understanding of Psych related topics on campus.”
However, Green says that there is more to the Psychology Club than the presentations.
“It gives them [students] access to a whole lot more resources and knowledge about their options and opportunities in psychology, “ said Green. “Things like how to get an internship, how to get involved in research, and what kinds of fields they might want to explore. “
Psychology Club meetings can include speed networking, panels on internships, roundtables, and even field trips, like to the History of Psychology Museum in Akron, said Green.
Psychology Club meets every other Thursday at noon in Malicky and includes free food.