Press Play on Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing mediums for content in the world. There are currently over 1,000,000 shows with over 30,000,000 episodes available. With it being over a month and a half into the mandated quarantine, I’m sure most people are running out of fresh content to go and binge. If you are like me and like to listen to podcasts while you do menial tasks, then I have a few recommendations you may want to check out!


  1. Pardon My Take


Pardon My Take is a sports podcast that is far different than most. The two co-hosts and producer are your typical everyday sports fans and have an immense love for football but discuss the entire world of sports on the show. PMT asks athletes questions they don’t usually hear, which in turn gives you an interview from athletes and celebrities from a more fun side that you don’t normally see out of them.  Their ridiculous segments will have you rolling in laughter and waiting for the next episode to be dropped.


  1. Mickstape


Mickstape comes from the same company as Pardon My Take, and many of the goofy undertones apply to this show as well. From cereal brands to LeBron vs. Michael Jordan for the greatest of all time, there are numerous debates on the show that will undoubtedly get you thinking. This show is very unstructured, so if you are looking to have a podcast going in the background that you don’t need to intently listen to, then Mickstape is the one that you’re looking for!


  1. The ThomaHawk Show


The ThomaHawk Show is hosted by former Cleveland Browns Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins. Joe was an incredible left tackle and Andrew was an above average wide receiver, which gets joked about often on the show. The show goes over the years where Hawk and Joe both played on which was from 2014-2016 and tells some funny behind the scenes stories. If you are a Cleveland sports fan, this is a podcast that you must at least check out. Joe and Hawk discuss their time living in Cleveland and how much it meant to them.


These podcasts should hopefully help you stay entertained during this funky time. If these shows don’t sound particularly interesting to you, there are still millions out there that could still be for you! I heavily encourage everyone to find the podcast that fits best with their lifestyle.