Pop-up Mini Concerts Bring Smiles to Campus

Baldwin Wallace campus is alive with the sound of music. Born out of a desire to bring some musical joy to campus the Conservatory has come up with Music Minis. In a time when gathering for concerts and performances is not possible in the typical way an outdoor pop-up musical experience is the perfect way to go.

Erika Haskell, special events manager for the Conservatory, said that they “thought it would be fun and impactful to sprinkle some music around campus.” The pop-up performances can be found anywhere on campus from the steps of Strosacker Hall to North Quad and more, and “if you see a golf cart drive by filled with instruments, follow it.”

Expected performances include, but are not limited to, percussion, brass, bassoon, saxophone and more. PRISM pop-ups are also said to be in the works.

When asked about what the hopeful outcome of the performances are Haskell said, “to bring a little light and fun to our community,” and it will be successful if “it brings a smile to someone’s face as they

Pop-ups can happen anytime and anywhere so be sure to keep your eye out to follow the music across campus.

If you would like to participate in the Music Minis email Erika Haskell ([email protected]) or Craig Reynolds ([email protected])