Outdoor Attractions and Activities Near Campus


Allie Primisch

Coe Lake, located near Berea City Hall.

Baldwin Wallace University offers many on, and off, campus attractions.
While students have a variety of on campus activities and attractions, the surrounding park areas in Berea also serve as helpful resources.
Some outdoor areas that offer a variety of activities are the Metroparks and Coe Lake.
Coe Lake and the Metroparks  are within walking distance of campus.
These two outdoor areas are considered BW’s backyard and offers students the opportunity to be active and explore the outdoors.


The Metroparks circle the Cleveland area and are a main attraction for BW students living on campus and near Berea.
The bike and hiking trails allow people to explore the metroparks area and the different surrounding attractions such as The Berea Falls Scenic Overlook.
In addition, Wallace Lake is a popular attraction. Non-motorized boats such as row boats paddle boats and canoes can be rented for the lake at the Quarry Rock Cafe.
The Quarry Rock cafe can be located off Valley Parkway, south of Bagley Road in the Metroparks’ Mill Stream Run Reservation.

Coe Lake

Coe Lake is located behind the Berea Townhouses, and is next to the Berea Cuyahoga County Library. The area serves as a resource for students at BW and offers a variety of outdoor attractions such as the Victims of Crime Memorial, the park Gazebo, and the boardwalk area and pier.
The area used to be a Sandstone Quarry and is now used for different attractions and activities such as weddings, festivals, fishing, canoeing and nature walking.
Nicole Venen, senior at Baldwin Wallace with a major in English and minor in Psychology explains the benefits of living nearby the park and lake area.
“I grew up in lake county so I love living on a campus where the parks are within walking distance,” Venen said. “It’s just nice to hike or explore as a way to break away from the day to day grind.”


Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting activity that involves GPS enabled devices, such as smart phones. Geocaches are small containers that are hidden at different locations. Participants navigate with their GPS enabled devices and attempt to find the geocache at its hidden coordinates.
Geocaching is a popular outdoor trending activity and has been used in BW’s HPE Lifetime Leisures course. In order to participate in geocaching, students can visit the official geocaching website, www.geocaching.com, to register for free and basic membership.
The Geocaching website explains the different steps of how the game is played, getting started, finding geocaches, and hiding geocaches.
Geocaching is a helpful and active way for students to explore  the metroparks and serves as a resource for students to learn about BW’s surrounding areas.