Organization Provides Programming, Support to Commuter Students

BW has nearly 2,000 students who commute in some form.  With the challenges introduced by the current pandemic, Ohio weather, and other issues, commuter students must adapt to the obstacles put in front of them. 

The BW Commuter Activity Board is responsible for engaging with commuter students and scheduling events or activities.  The commuter lounge provides a small space for commuter students to work, socialize, and relax from the school day. 

Current CAB president John Shepherd has been overseeing the organization since the Fall 2021 semester. The organization holds a weekly event called CAB Pizza in the SAC building from 12-1 pm. In the past there has been a two-dollar fee to get in but recently John has experimented with eliminating the entry cost and making it free. 

Being a commuter student himself, Shepherd often finds himself walking to and from classes. During this winter season he noticed that certain parts of the sidewalks are not being plowed.  

“That makes things a little difficult walking to classes,” he said. 

John thinks the most important thing for commuter students to know is that you can still be active on campus despite not being around all the time.  He is involved in around four clubs on campus besides CAB.  He understands the difficulty that comes with interacting with other people besides commuters.   

“That is why we have a club like CAB that allows commuter students and non-commuters to meet and attend events,” Shepherd said. 

John also noted the newly installed BW policy banning eating in common areas, lounges, or classrooms, which includes the commuter lounge.  People may still consume beverages in the lounge, but eating is not allowed. As it stands, this rule is only in effect for the first month of the semester, with the university set to reevaluate and announce new policies the week of February 7.