OPINION: Student Burnout On The Rise

Student burnout is running rampant on Baldwin Wallace’s campus. The pandemic completely changed the way students learn and do work, and campus culture is not adapting to these changes. Balancing classes, extracurriculars, and a social life is becoming more difficult. And there is always a push to do more.  

There is a lack of understanding in terms of the impact COVID-19 had on student learning. Students now have to budget time in a completely different way than they did during the hybrid semesters. It is a significant learning curve for students who have never had a “normal” semester. Current seniors are the only students who have experienced a full year of college pre-pandemic.  

Last week also marked the first Spring Break most current college students have experienced (excluding seniors).  

Last spring, students experienced burnout due to a lack of time off, but the work was more evenly spread out. This year, post-Spring Break, students are faced with a large workload and little time left to complete it. 

While there are resources available to students like The Counseling Center and The Learning Center, there is little free time to use them.  

The Counseling Center is in need of more support from Baldwin Wallace administrators in order to be able to effectively serve students. 

Baldwin Wallace needs to reevaluate the culture on campus that causes students to become stretched too thin. More focus should be put on taking care of mental and physical health above school work.