One Meal a Day: How On-Campus Students are Coping

Despite Baldwin Wallace being one of the first universities in Ohio to take action to protect students from COVID-19, many students who remain on campus feel forgotten by BW’s administration.Ca

To combat the virus, Dining Services temporarily closed Buzzy’s, the Colony Room, the Hive Café, Lang Dining Hall, the Smoothie Bar, and Starbucks. The Union Dining Hall is open from 11 AM-2 PM daily, allowing students to use a meal swipe for a refrigerated grab-n-go meal. This setup doesn’t seem to meet the needs of students remaining on campus during the quarantine.

“I stayed [on campus] for a few weeks but decided to move for a few reasons,” said BW senior Faith Sloop. “You can only use one meal swipe a day. If you miss the hours in the Union, you have to wait until the next day.”

With only one meal a day, students staying on campus in Front Street have no choice but to buy food on their own.

“I was spending so much of my own money on groceries to feed myself for breakfast and dinner. It was another reason I had to move back home,” said Sloop.

Despite many students noting financial difficulties with this setup, other students are adjusting and trying to stay positive with the changes.

“With Giant Eagle next to us and a big kitchen down the hall, I don’t think I’ve had any problems,” said BW junior Chris Bradshaw. “Domino’s still accepts flex, so I don’t feel the need to leave often, which is nice.”

With students on campus only allowed to use seven swipes a week as opposed to 10, 14, or 21, it was expected for BW to issue partial credits to these students. However, according to BW’s official COVID-19 response, students who chose to remain on campus through the end of the spring semester don’t qualify for meal plan credits.

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