NYC Internship: Digital Media, Design, Theater


Damon Condon

Condon with Kitty Suen in Dallas at the TCG National Conference.

Damon Condon, senior at Baldwin Wallace University with a double major in Digital Media/Design and Theater, worked at a summer internship as a Graphic Design Coordinator for the Theater Communications Group (TCG) in New York City. The mission of the organization is to strengthen, nurture and promote the professional not-for-profit American theatre. Condon received the internship after sending his portfolio of posters and design work to TCG.
“I left for New York after exams and was living in Brooklyn. It was daunting in the beginning, and I was terrified about going to a place where I did not know anyone,” Condon said.
TCG holds a conference every year in Dallas. Condon spent the first two weeks of his internship working on posters for TCG.
“Once back from Dallas, my work hours went from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. I worked on the spreads for American Theater Magazine,” Condon said. “Kitty Suen was my mentor and boss during my time at TCG. She is the one who designed the entire magazine, and she took me under her wing and guided me through my assignments.”
Condon also describes the importance of details when working for a magazine, and explains the process.
“I didn’t realize that every single page has limitations, that there are special rules in terms of layout, even down to the mathematical sense of working with the InDesign computer program and working with picas, pixels, or points.”
Most projects consisted of hands-on problem solving while learning how to pick up the rules along the way.
In addition, Condon explains that his main portion of time was spent on a special 8-page spread.
“The ideas constantly changed, and people needed to be fast in order to adapt to the changes. I had to be quick on my feet and be aware of the activities in my surroundings. It was essential for me to listen very carefully to any instructions given.”
Change is essential at TCG and Condon explains how people must fall into a rhythm, and become familiar with the repetition of the job.
“The story went through at least eight incarnations before it could go through the process of finalization. I spent a good month on that 8-page layout,” Condon said.
Condon stresses the importance of collaboration and communication at TCG.
“I learned that working with a magazine is a waiting game. There is a good amount of back and forth correspondence with the graphic designers, editors, and writers. It takes everyone to get the work done,” Condon said. “I worked in a welcoming and comfortable environment with confident people.”
On his days off, Condon had the opportunity to explore the city.

Seniors Grace McConnell, Studio Art major and Damon Condon, Digital Media/Design and Theater double major at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Condon’s favorite performance was Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. The event took place inside a tent and was decorated with red crush velvet walls, paintings, music, and champagne.
“It was beyond anything I have ever seen, the atmosphere was inspirational and innovative,” Condon said. “The experience was surreal, but being there reminded me of why I love theater. I hope to create something just as innovative that people find inspirational.”
Condon’s time in New York helped in terms of moving forward into his career field.
“Taking on New York and this internship is the biggest confidence boost I could have gained. I landed in one of the most intimidating cities, but I feel like conquering a big city gives me the confidence to move forward and take risks and opportunities without feeling scared, but to be open to self-exploration.”