Nursing program introduces life-like birth simulators

The Baldwin Wallace University nursing department has introduced a new technology: the Lucina Childbirth Simulator, a sophisticated life-like birthing mannequin instructors can use to run various childbirth scenarios.   

This simulator will allow the students of the nursing department to learn with a more realistic patient. It has more life-like functions, such as pulses in the hands and feet, pupils that dilate and constrict, heart and lung sounds and physiological responses to medication.  

Chris Seminatore, lab coordinator and assistant professor of nursing, said he is looking forward to how this will positively impact the education of nursing students.   

“Here at BW, we’re always trying to give the best experiences we can, so this is just another tool we have to make experiences for students that we might not always be able to capture in a clinical setting.”  

Seminatore said that this includes uncommon occurrences when something goes wrong, like complications that happen during childbirth.   

“Although we’ll talk about some of those things in lectures, they might not get to see them,” Seminatore said. “But with the simulator, we can make those things happen.”   

BW currently has 10 low-fidelity simulation mannequins, which are less realistic, and numerous task trainers, which are used to simulate a specific body part to train on a certain task such as inserting an IV into an arm.   

This new mannequin will be introduced with a newborn mannequin to add to the realism of a simulation. The mannequin was installed on Oct. 10. It is expected to be implemented into the training courses by the spring semester of 2023.