New University Jingle Unveiled at Con Convocation 

On March 17, the BW Conservatory of Music’s weekly convocation recital had a unique twist: the University hosted performers, students, and guests to reveal its new jingle. First-year music education major Joe Brown was announced as the winner of a student contest for his musical take on the slogan “BW will take you places.”  

The competition was sponsored by Bold BW and Conservatory Collaborative. Dan Karp, associate vice president of university relations, discuss the University’s reasoning behind commissioning a jingle after so many years without one.  

“Here at BW, we spin something from joy, and I think that’s really true,” Karp said. “And the joy of my job is being able to tell the truth about BW to the world.  

“This jingle, this kind of signature sound for BW, is just yet another example of how we spread joy and how we connect with other folks.”  

There were multiple entries from students across campus and within the conservatory. Karp said the judges were impressed with the 15 total submissions, but one in particular had “risen to the top.”  

Beth Hiser, chair of the Academic Studies Department, said the rules were “simple.”  

“Jingles had to be 6 seconds in length, use the lyrics ‘BW takes you places,’ and be all original material,” Hiser said.  

The jingles had to be submitted by February, then a panel of judges was put together with 5 members representing 5 unique areas of the BW community: alumni, faculty, students, administration, and an outside member. The selection process was anonymous and was chosen unanimously by the panel.  

When Hiser announced Brown as the contest’s winner, the audience erupted in applause. As part of the contest’s prize package, Brown won $500 and the opportunity to work with a professional record producer to create the recording of the jingle that will be used in promotional materials.  

An unofficial version of the jingle can be found in a previous live recording of the announcement posted to the Conservatory of Music’s social media pages.  

Karp said it was important to the University that they utilized the students’ talents to create the new staple jingle for the school.  

“I’m so glad to have the power of the Conservatory at our disposal. We have you. We have this amazing resource to put to use, to help share BW’s story. 

“It may seem simple, this little 6-second thing but using that over and over again is so powerful, it connects to just being one little glimmer of everything that is BW.”