Need a place to study? Try these three off-campus spots.

We asked BW students to tell us about their go-to places to study off campus. Here are their responses.


Hannah Wetmore, The Exponent

Cafe Ah-Roma’s front counter

Studying at Café Ah-Roma, Berea Public Library and Coe Lake may offer students a break from campus distractions and a chance to connect with the Berea community.  


Café Ah-Roma  


Café Ah-Roma is located near the Berea Giant Eagle and within walking distance of campus. The Berea location is one of two Café Ah-Roma locations, as there is another one near Cleveland State University.    

Café Ah-Roma’s menu offers a list of breakfast pastries, sandwiches, coffee and smoothies. The café is relatively small, and they have a list of syrups up by the counter that customers can choose from to flavor their coffee or tea.    

Olivia Powell, a junior sustainability major, worked at Café Ah-Roma over the summer. She said that she enjoys Café Ah-Roma because it’s cozy, and the crowd is mellow and quiet. She said it is a nice walk away from campus, with not too many people from BW.   

“You won’t constantly run into people who try to talk to you and distract you,” Powell said.  

Powell also said that Café Ah-Roma allows customers to stay there for hours and provides easy-to-access food and Wi-Fi.   

One BW student who asked to remain anonymous said that the café isn’t too rowdy. There are some people they know, but mostly they feel like they can just chill and not worry about others. They also said that Café Ah-Roma is very LGBTQ friendly.    

“I like that it is less crowded than Starbucks, but I still get that cozy coffee shop vibe,” junior Marissa Pope said.   

Rebecca DiScipio, a sophomore neuroscience major, said that the calm and happy atmosphere keeps her focused. If she studies in a place that is too noisy, she gets distracted. If she studies in a place that is too quiet, she gets lost in her thoughts. She feels like Café Ah-Roma is a good mix of both.  

Mattie Flynn, a junior neuroscience major, said that the classical music that they play over the speakers at the café works well for them.   

“[It] helps drown out conversations and keep my brain stimulated and on task. Plus, the drinks and food are amazing,” Flynn said.     


 Berea Public Library  


Another favorite off-campus study space for some students is the Berea Public Library. The library is located right across the parking lot from Coe Lake, and it features a computer area, rows of bookshelves and different study areas.    

Amy Dreger, the children’s services supervisor at the Berea Public Library, said the library has several resources to offer BW students who are looking to study there. They have study spaces in the main area of the library, three private study rooms and a quiet room where students can sit down and do their work.    

The public library also has online databases through the Cuyahoga County Public Library system where students can access digital e-books, music and videos with a library card. It also has a large collection of books available for students who would like some leisure reading.    

Haley Stalnaker, a sophomore marketing major, said that being at the public library allows her to interact with older members of the community.  

“I feel like since I grew up around people a lot older than me, being in a setting where I know that I’m one of the younger individuals helps ease my mind and lets me focus on tasks I need to finish,” said Stalnaker.    

Dreger said that the library benefits Berea residents because it provides a change of scenery and access to computers for those who may not otherwise have it.   


Coe Lake

Right next to the library is Coe Lake, an option for students who would like to study outside when the weather is warmer.    

“It’s very relaxing and quiet so it is easier to focus. I like being outside in the sun while doing work,” said senior Hazelyn Smith.