Nearly 20 students gain experience at Super Bowl

Nearly twenty Baldwin Wallace students, along with faculty, attended one of America’s most-watched sporting events of the year, offering them professional opportunities getting experience on the field at the Super Bowl

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Nathan Kilway was among the nearly 20 Baldwin Wallace students who had the chance to gain real-world experience at the Super Bowl .

“The whole experience was unlike anything I had ever been a part of,” said Nathan Kilway, first-year sport management major. “…what I had never done before was be at a Super Bowl and see [all] the events and hard work leading up to it.”

A few days prior to the game, students met with the Atlanta Hawks Director of Basketball Facilities and BW alumnus, David Painter. He gave advice to the students about life and working in an industry that demands so much of its professionals, from the players to the management and everyone in between.

This is one of the many networking opportunities presented throughout the Super Bowl week. Students worked with Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, Proof of the Pudding, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Through Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, students were able to work with “high end clients,” said sophomore sport management major Ashley Ackerman.

Steinberg Sports & Entertainment “allowed for me to learn a multitude of items about the industry,” said Ackerman.

BW students have been attending the Super Bowl for the past eight years. In order to participate in this program, students must have a certain GPA, be able to sell raffle tickets or pay for the trip, and complete a certain amount of experience work hours.

Autumn Richards, sophomore sport management major, was interviewed on WKYC-TV for the BW Sport Management program, detailing the expectations for this event.

“I attended so I could make connections [and network],” said Richard, “while also being able to see the inner workings of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.”

Ackerman said that networking is “extremely important” in this industry, and that this trip helps to expand and make more connections. BW prides itself, continued Ackerman, on offering opportunities such as this. With strong connections through professors and the alumni network, students are presented with networking experience like this to help prepare them for a strong entrance into the professional world.