Musical Theatre Seniors Make a Splash in NYC


Baldwin Wallace University

BW 2015 Music and Theater Majors.

Caitlin Sukalac, Features Editor

BW Senior Musical Theater majors traveled to Pearl Theater in New York City to perform in front of agents and  casting directors that will help start their future careers after graduation. Each senior was given a minute and a half to shine on stage in hopes of signing with an agent.
“All of our four years here leads up to this exact event… We were one of the best schools to perform out of 200 schools in New York… My class has really set the bar high for the future classes at BW, and also at the New York City level,” Brandyn Day explained.
Each of the seniors has had the opportunity to sign with agents or managers. After graduation, they will be packing their bags and will be moving to New York City to begin working toward a successful career in the performing arts.
“The next step is to finally do what we’ve been training for, work on Broadway. Most of the class has already been sent on Broadway auditions,” Hannah Jo Weisberg, said.
After being at BW for four years, the seniors have had their ups and their downs. Several were kind enough to share their favorite part about being here:
“I have enjoyed the exposure to the professional world that we get here. Not just regional Theatre’s around the country, but also by meeting agents and casting directors from NYC through master classes,” Keri Fuller explained.
“BW students have an incredible amount of opportunity at our fingertips. We have a freedom to explore lots of different areas and subjects that fall both in and out of our chosen majors, so we ultimately graduate much more well rounded than we would in a typical, more structured degree program,” Mickey Ryan said.
“We receive just as much wonderful training and education as any other school, but if you have the drive, you can experience and learn so much more and be involved in an endless assortment of great projects.” Ryan added.
The teachers have become family.
“I’ve actually been thinking a lot this past week about what I am going to miss the most about BW and it all comes down to the faculty. Victoria Bussert, Greg Daniels, Scott Plate, and David Pepin have become second parents to all the seniors and we are all going to miss them dearly,” Weisberg said.
“From the day four years ago when I received my acceptance letter from Vicky to just a week ago when she was helping me decide which agent to sign with, she and the other faculty members have been there every step of the way helping me and the rest of the seniors succeed in whatever way they can. I know they will always remain part of our lives,” Weisberg continuned.
“The faculty has played a major role in each of their lives. Without the faculty members, none of this would have been possible. They have been an amazing help through the whole four years,” Day added.
To the seniors, the Senior Showcase was an experience that was truly incredible and unforgettable.