Marc West Named First Director of Family & Parent Services

BW campus mainstay Marc West started out the new year by becoming the first Director of Family and Parent Services at Baldwin Wallace University. West was previously in charge of new student orientation, student life, and Greek life. The move was made on January 3, putting West into a position that has him working with parents more often than students. 

This new position comes with new responsibilities. West is planning to work closely with parents and families to help ensure that their student is safe and comfortable at BW. He is also working to make the parents partners in the college process. West told The Exponent that he wants parents to “feel good about the decision to have their student here at BW.” 

One of West’s goals in the new role is to make parents and family members to feel like they are a valuable part of the college community. Students that attend BW grow professionally and personally, learn about teamwork and communication, gain resume-enhancing experiences, and participate in sports or organizations to gain more leadership and interpersonal skills. 

West still plans to be involved with students and said his “interactions with the students will be on a different level now.”  

West worked closely with orientation leaders and new students for the past 16 years. A former orientation leader, Geneviéve Carreño, praised West for his previous work with students. 

“Marc West brought a positive energy and attitude to the orientation experience,” Carreño said. “He encouraged us to be compassionate, considerate, and thoughtful leaders.”  

West is excited to “look through the lens of Baldwin Wallace parents and families.” He also said he is going to “enjoy a lesser number of late-night meetings and things along those lines.” 

Parents now have a go-to campus partner for accurate resources and information in Marc West. West can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone on (440) 826-2356.