LaunchNET offers Microgrants for future entrepreneurs  

LaunchNET has announced their annual Microgrants program available for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The program opens every academic year during the spring semester as a resource to connect entrepreneurs with capital.  

The Microgrants program is designed to offer funding for student’s venture and business ideas. Samuel Tate, an intern at the BW LaunchNET office, said that students can apply to receive funding for a venture of their choice. Students can earn anywhere between $99-$500 dollars for their venture.  

“This is a huge opportunity for students because many other programs don’t offer funding for their ideas and that’s what LunchNET is all about,” Tate said.   

Lori Long, the endowed chair of the center for innovation and growth, said that the microgrant program can be a huge help to budding entrepreneurs.  

Often we find that just a small amount of seed funding can help you get a business off the ground,” Long said. “Our Microgrant program can provide that foundation to take action and get started. Or if your venture is already started, you can use the funding as an investment to help it grow.  You could use the money to buy equipment, start a website, build a prototype — whatever you need to take the next step.” 

Long said the program is open to anyone with a venture or business idea within the BW community regardless of major.  

“We do ask that you register for LaunchNet but that is easy,” Long said. “LaunchNET is a customer driven service, meaning you lead the way in working with us.” 

Students can apply to be a part of the program by the deadline March 25th. Tate said students can apply through a survey link which can be found on the various LaunchNET social media pages.  

“Once the survey link is filled out, students are put into a pool with other students to be chosen and interviewed,” Tate said. “From there, we [the LaunchNET team] make a decision on who’s ventures require the most funding and then students will receive more information regarding other details about funding in the future.”  

LaunchNET is designed to be a place for entrepreneurs to find resources for their business ideas and ventures. The office is available to BW students, faculty, staff members, and alumni who require assistance with their ideas. The program is funded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation. 

Tate says, “If you need help with your ideas, come on down to LaunchNET in the union or the CIG. We are always open and willing to help the BW community work on their venture or business ideas.”