Lang Dining Starts Online Ordering Service

Jo Kinkade, Contributing Writer

Lang Dining Hall has officially announced the start of its own online ordering service. This program, put into effect March 19, allows students, faculty and community members to pre-order meals online.
Once an order has been made, the meal will be prepared by staff members and ready to be picked up when convenient.
“We started considering the idea before we went out for Christmas Break, trying to see what the possibilities were,” Dennis Dube, Dining Services Executive Chef and head of the new program, said. “We found this company called ‘ehungry’ and our own IT guys have gotten to work with them to set up everything.”
“I have two fears–that we won’t get any action on it, or we’ll get too much,” Dube said.
“During lunch and dinner, people are always lined up; this should be an easy way for students to slip in, get their food and take it out.” He hopes that this new  system can reduce some of the crowds at peak hours.
Dube notes that this program is similar to the pizza service at Buzzy’s that is available on weekends. In January, many students were disappointed to learn that Domino’s Pizza in Berea was closing.
For other businesses near campus such as Georgio’s and Pizza Hut, the sudden influx of customers proved to be harrowing.
“They couldn’t deliver everything,” Dube said. “So we tried to pick up a little bit of the slack for them.” This led to Buzzy’s adding a line of made-to-order pizzas, available for students to order by phone.
“It’s a convenient system for students on the go,” Becky Rodriguez, a staff member at Lang Dining Hall, said.
Buzzy’s and the Union Dining Services are also possible expansions for an online ordering service in the future, if the service proves successful.
“I would use it because often I don’t have time to wait in line between classes, meetings and rehearsals to wait in line for food,” Senior Katie MacMannis, said.
Some students have expressed concern that the online ordering will increase the time spent waiting in line for students that place their orders in-person. Dining Services has yet to acknowledge how they may address this problem.
To order your meals online, visit, choose items from the lunch or dinner menu and then specify a time for pick-up. The program also allows you to select your preferred toppings on paninis and sandwiches, as well as make note of any specific dietary needs.
In addition, the website features special foods and meals only offered at Lang (such as pulled pork on Tuesday evenings) Currently, they are accepting orders Monday through Thursday between the hours of 1 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.