Ladies Who Brunch

“Expand your brunch palette with The Exponent editorial staff’s review of Perk-Cup! Cafe.”

Gabriella Radak

For this issue, myself and the other editors also known as “The Ladies Who Brunch,” decided to take a trip down Bagley to have Sunday brunch at Perk-Cup! Café and Grille. Located at 561 W Bagley Rd, it is only a few minutes’ drive from campus.

Inside, business seemed fairly busy, but we were seated almost immediately. The staff was very friendly, and it was obvious they put in effort to make their customers happy.

The first part of the Perk-Cup menu we were introduced to was the drinks. Alyssa and Sarah both ordered dirty chais, while I opted for a mocha. We were all pleased with these and anticipated our meals landing on the same plane of satisfaction.

This turned out to be a false assumption. I am someone who greatly appreciates breakfast food, so I was looking forward to more of a variety on the menu. It was disappointing to find that their Sunday brunch menu did not include much variety. The three of us still made do selecting different entrees to sample.

Alyssa ordered Eggs Benedict, which she has had previously. Perk-Cup’s take on the dish was not her favorite, but not the worst she’s had. She felt the hollandaise sauce was a bit too lemony, and that the dish had too much ham in comparison to everything else. Her hash browns were also bland. Overall: B

The Sweet and Savory Platter, ordered by Sarah, consists of French toast or pancakes, eggs, and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. Her sunny side up eggs were not the best but not the worst. She considered the French toast to be the best part of the meal. However, the sausage was overcooked. Overall: B-

My entrée of choice was The Berea, which includes eggs, hash browns, your choice of bacon, sausage or ham, and toast. Like Alyssa, I found my hash browns tasting bland. I ordered my eggs poached, and was dissatisfied that they came out watery. Other than this, they tasted fine. The bacon was delicious, and the toast proved satisfactory. Overall: C+

If you do plan on going to Perk-Cup, I advise doing so any day, but Sunday in order to get the full menu. May your drinks be warm and your hash browns hold flavor. Bon Apetit!