JacketCare virtual health service renamed as TimelyCare

The free, 24/7 service has a new name to reflect the branding of its national parent company.

JacketCare, a free, on-demand, virtual health service, recently had its name changed to TimelyCare. The name changed, but the 24/7 service to Baldwin Wallace students for counseling, wellness and physical health services remains the same.

The name change came after two years with BW and success with TimelyCare’s partnerships with other colleges such as Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and University of Notre Dame. The name, TimelyCare, replaced the individual name that each school had for the service.

Lisa Weber, a registered nurse for BW Health Services, said the Health Center originally partnered with TimelyCare using the name JacketCare. This deal came after Sophia Kallergis, the director of Counseling Services at Health Center, agreed to learn more about the services and pricing.

“The company was somewhat new at the time and they authorized colleges to utilize an emblem or a mascot type thing,” Weber said. “So, it was called JacketCare because of the emblem here or the mascot is a yellow jacket.”

TimelyCare emerged during the pandemic as more people were stuck indoors and quarantine put a spotlight on mental health issues. The company, TimelyCare, started reaching out to colleges nationwide, including BW, to try their services.

Lauren Bara, director of the Health Center, said 75 percent of students seek TimelyCare for mental health services, but TimelyCare is still not as popular as the Health Center.

Weber said TimelyCare is supplemental but is not meant to replace in-person care.

“It’s free for them to use, but it doesn’t replace the good old, once-a-year check-up, [and] talking with someone [in person],” Weber said.

However, TimeleyCare is a good fit for students seeking more medications, Weber said.

“If you have a medication already that you’re taking or it’s something you’re familiar with, or need a prescription refill, I think TimelyCare might be a very good option for that,” Weber said.

Weber said TimelyCare responds quickly to students with educated physicians and nurse practitioners that provide health services that can examine students through a device.

“They get a physician or a nurse practitioner asking them questions… Some of them are like video calls, so they can see you, look in your throat or [other] kinds of things,” Weber said. “After checking the student’s symptoms they decide if a prescription is needed. They’ll ask the student about their nearby pharmacy and will call to get the antibiotic or medication the student needs.”

When a student seeks TimelyCare, they send confidential records to the Health Center staff which are only accesible Weber and Bara. They will look at the records and ensure that students receive the necessary assistance for their problem.

“So if it’s an injury that they need to be seen for, TimelyCare will refer to us and then we’ll have them come in and actually see them [at the Health Center],” Weber said.

Included in the app are opportunities to gain information and assistance on wellness. The wellness subjects include losing weight, eating healthier and sleeping better.

The Health Center is working on promotional materials to get the word out about the name change. Previously, they created merch, pens, accessories and offered contests with prizes.

Weber said the Health Center made efforts to spread the word to students and educate them about the free services that the Health Center and TimelyCare can provide.