Independent Study Abroad Programs Open Once More

The wait is over. Students at Baldwin Wallace University can once again plan to study abroad for a full semester.

The Center for Global Exploration has opened applications for the Fall 2021 semester and beyond. But, the department is still monitoring situations around the world for the different programs offered.

With COVID-19 still affecting much of the world, the Center has added additional precautions for students who wish to study abroad for the coming semesters. They have added an additional COVID-19 waiver in the application discussing risks of traveling during the pandemic and added more information during predeparture meetings. They are also watching the Centers for Disease Control and state news consistently for any updates regarding travel bans, both in the United States and internationally.

“We are asking students to still plan for studying abroad, but they also have a backup plan,” Kristen Catrina, the associate director at the Center for Global Exploration, said. “They’re still planning for on-campus courses and housing.” Having this backup plan ensures students are not stuck without an option for the fall in case studying abroad does not pull through.

Catrina said the Center would tell students whether study abroad was happening for the Fall 2021 semester or not by the end of May.

The office has also been able to continue several features to help ease the worry of those wishing to study abroad. A program called “Global Classrooms” brings together faculty and students abroad with students at BW to provide virtual opportunities to work together.

“Although they’re not leaving campus, we’re able to bring some of those international experiences here,” Catrina said. “Even to get students excited about it. We’ve noticed that helps break down some of the anxieties they maybe have about studying abroad.”

For students who are interested in studying abroad, it can be daunting thinking about moving to another country. Yet Brandon Zlotnik, peer advisor at the Center, advises interested students to “have an open mind.” He said, “Don’t apply what you believe is normal to another culture.”

When studying abroad, it is also easy to get caught up in being in a different country and wanting to see everything you possibly can. However, Zlotnik said it is important to remember to stop and take breaks. “Make sure to leave time to just chill and take things easy,” he said.

Students who were previously accepted to study abroad for a semester and had their programs postponed were the first students allowed to move their trip to the 2022 semesters.

Programs offered to students can be found at There are over 30 programs available in over 20 countries. If you are interested in learning more about the independent study abroad opportunities offered, you can schedule an advising meeting using the same link. Applications to study abroad for the 2022 school year are also open to interested students.