How to Utilize Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety and Security can be a valuable tool, yet it is underutilized by students.  From the escort service to laptop engravings, safety and security offers a variety of options to assist students.

The escort service is what most students think of when it comes to Campus Safety and Security.  This service provides a walking escort just like the Jacket Escort Service would, but the Jacket Escort Service only runs from seven to ten on some evenings.  The escort service provided by Campus Safety and Security is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“I don’t think it’s used enough,”  says campus security officer Timothy Washington.

Aside from the escort service, Washington conducts safety classes that can be requested by any organization within the university. Washington preaches that students should not take their safety for granted, even though Berea has proven to be a relatively safe city.  He hopes that students are aware of their surroundings and remain vigilant.

If students ever feel unsafe, the blue lights around campus are ways to communicate with either Campus Safety and Security or the Berea Police, who patrol the campus four days each week. They carry radios in order to maintain communication with Campus Safety and Security so that students can be made aware of any safety concerns as soon as they occur.

Aside from traditional safety measures, Campus Safety and Security provides many other services.  Free engravings are provided for several items, such as laptops and bicycles.  In the case of theft, this could help to identify stolen materials in order to avoid confusion.

In the future, Washington hopes that ALICE trainings and alcohol awareness trainings will be able to be conducted again, but for now he is glad to be able to make students aware of the many services that can be provided.


Campus Safety and Security can be reached at: (440)826-2336 or (440)826-2000 (emergency line)

The Berea Police Department can be reached at: (440)234-1234