How to spend your free time at home

For many students at BW, the last few weeks have been hectic and filled with juggling online classes, work, and family. Instead of focusing on the craziness that has been Spring semester, some students wanted to share what they are doing in their free time to relax and have fun. You could take this time to utilize a skill that many college students don’t have a use for, Cooking! Haley Strnad, junior English major, has come to find some comfort in improving her skills, “I’ve been upping my hand at making homemade cookies and cakes all from scratch. I find it a nice example of practice makes perfect. My waffles have been a family favorite.”

Amanda Shrum, junior English major and AYA minor, suggests, “Jackbox. There are multiple ‘party packs’ that have a bunch of party games that you can play with your family and friends. The best part is that only one person needs to own it for everyone to play. If you go to, it tells you how to play during COVID-19 and where to buy it.”

D’Ella Heschmeyer, Sociology and Economics double major, offers some older methods of communication to test out, making sure to use the proper precautions, “If you can get one, having a pen pal is so much fun during this time! Handwritten notes and little gifts being exchanged back and forth is such a fun way to connect with other people during this time. All it takes is a friend, a note, an envelope, and postage stamps!”

The adjustment to the change in scenery of the semester has not gone unnoticed by BW students. Strnad adds, “I’m very glad to be home. I’m very glad to have the privilege to be home when so many people are risking their lives for us every day. My mom and aunt are nurses, so they’ve had to continue going to work even though there’s nothing to do, and this whole thing has made me so worried for them.”

Being home has also allowed students to reflect on what BW has given them and to be thankful for the BW community.  Shrum notes, “Being at home is nice, but I miss the activity on campus. Having places to go where you can participate in events or just enjoy being around other college students. There’s a certain liveliness on-campus that home can’t replace.”

Offering some words of encouragement, Heschmeyer notes, “Find something or someone to get up and get going for. Having a reason or two to keep moving forward, even if it’s nothing big, helps offer the motivation to put one foot in front of the other.”

The Baldwin Wallace community has shown great resilience and comfort at this time. This time is the best for students to learn more about themselves and to find more inventive ways of connecting and creating. Get ready Yellow Jackets! The Fall semester will bring an energy that is out of this world!