How COVID-19 is affecting jobs and grad school for seniors

Social distancing and nation-wide closures because of COVID-19 have affected everyone, and that’s an understatement.

But of all the students who attend BW, the seniors have the most to lose coming out of the pandemic.

As the end of the term quickly approaches, many seniors are starting to feel uneasy about what their future after BW holds. Many have plans to go to grad school, and others have jobs lined up.

So, what has this virus done to those plans, exactly?

In regard to grad school, not all hope is lost—but it is certainly on thin ice.

Allison Hedinger, a Communication Sciences and Disorders major set to graduate in May, has plans to continue her studies after her four years at BW, but she is also very nervous she will not get to go, after all.

“The virus hasn’t affected my plans yet, but it will if the “stay at home” order continues to be extended,” she said.

She continues by explaining that just because it hasn’t happened to her yet, does not mean it isn’t scary: “Of course, it’s still more of a hypothetical situation and it hasn’t actually affected me yet, but it might.”

Becca Leibler, another senior at BW, has had a harder time with the job aspect of her post-grad future.

“Back in March I was in the final round of interviews with multiple companies who emailed me and said they’re no longer hiring anyone until the pandemic is over,” Leibler said, “It’s been a very frustrating process trying to get a job during this lockdown, interviewing is so much more competitive, and many companies are cancelling interviews due to no hiring. My optimism for finding a great job after I graduate has dramatically dropped.”

Leibler is not the only one facing this dilemma, and there may be more people that join her circumstances in the near future.

So, what can BW do to help? Career Services has been working hard to help provide job search help and support during this time. If you have questions, contact them at [email protected].