How COVID-19 has Affected Student Motivation

This semester has proved to be a unique one as Coronavirus measures have changed many aspects of normal BW life. With masks, daily health check-ins, and social distancing, it can feel like a different world entirely. Now, online classes often make it unnecessary to leave the house. It can be difficult for students to find motivation to keep up with daily routines.

“My students and colleagues keep me motivated—they have all been so incredible,” said Dr. Denise Kohn, an English professor at BW, as well as the Dean of Humanities. “BW is always community focused, but the extent to which everyone has pulled together this semester makes my heart swell.”

Adapting classes from in-person to online has been a challenge, but everyone, students and teachers alike, have pulled together during these difficult times.

“The pandemic has altered my teaching in ways because of the technology, but I still try to use a mix of class discussion and ‘mini-lectures,’” said Kohn.  “Now, with blended instruction I don’t get to see all of my students at the same time in the classroom.”

For some students who require out-of-class experience for their major, such as Nursing or Education students, things have proved to be more difficult.

“The pandemic has significantly affected me in my student teaching this semester,” said Jacqueline Lamb, a senior Education major who just started her student teaching position this semester.

“I’ve had to figure out how to make engaging content while complying with the safety measures and I have to constantly be ready for the entire school structure to change at any moment, depending on whatever color Ohio is on the color-coded alert system.” She says her transition has been easy, both as a student and student teacher. Her students have adapted to online learning fairly quickly, and the transition back to in-person classes has been smooth.

Staying motivated in such an unknown time, however, has been a challenge for some. To prevent boredom and monotony, students are encouraged to join BW clubs or participate in events. BW is continuing to offer clubs and activities, with certain clubs being offered virtually and others being offered in-person with proper social distancing and COVID protocols in place.