Historical Changes to Baldwin Wallace Campus

Students gather for a dance on Jan. 19, 1990 in honor of the grand opening of the Student Activities Center.

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Students gather for a dance on Jan. 19, 1990 in honor of the grand opening of the Student Activities Center.

From Baldwin University and German Wallace College, to Baldwin-Wallace College, to Baldwin Wallace University, the university has undergone both major and minor changes in all aspects.
Students, faculty and staff members have come and gone. Organizations have been created, careers have been built, scholarships earned, and legacies left behind. Buildings have been put to rest, with others constructed to prepare for the future of the university.
Featured this issue are some of the historical changes made to the campus of BW throughout the years.

Wallace Hall

Wallace Hall

German Methodist Episcopal Church (left) and Wallace Hall (right), circa 1880s.  Photo credit: BW Archive

Located directly next to German Methodist Episcopal Church, Wallace Hall housed German Wallace college residents up until 1896, when Memorial Hall, now Marting Hall, was built directly behind Wallace Hall.  German Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1872, was renamed the Lindsay-Crossman Chapel in honor of former BW trustees in 1953.

Hulet Hall


Hulet Hall

Hulet Hall with Lang in the background (left), circa 1920s.  Photo credit: BW Archive

Donated by Fletcher Hulet, the original Hulet Hall (not pictured), located on the old Baldwin University campus, contained a recitation room and chapel.

Pictured above is the new Hulet Hall constructed from the bricks of the old hall. The building became a residence hall for women and was located in the present – day Ritter Library parking lot next to Lang Hall.

In 1972, the building, in need of major renovation, was torn down.

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Student Activities Center (SAC) 

U.S. Navy’s Quonset Hut (containing a swimming pool). Photo credit: BW Archive

Built in 1911, the Student Activities Center (SAC) originally served as a men’s and women’s gymnasium.  The upper level was an indoor track, with the main floor housing workout equipment.  In need of a place for campus events, the SAC was renovated in 1990 to houes a wide range of events from dances and luncheons to movie nights.

During World War II, a Quonset hut (containing a swimming pool) was build directly behind the SAC for the V-12 Navy College Training Program.  The five-lane indoor pool was used for years after  the war until it was removed in 2002.  The Circle of Warmth bonfire area, constructed in 2006, now resides in this space.